Nov 3, 2021
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Tunche: Behold the Secrets of the Amazon Jungle

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Hello, travelers! I’d like to welcome you to the Amazon jungle, full of secrets, magic, danger and adventure. The world of Tunche is a beautiful hand-drawn place brimming with exotic plants and animal life. It is also full of legends.

Find the Rumored Creature, and Ask for Anything You Desire

Sitting by a campfire, children often tell each other stories about beings that roam the Amazon at night, and the most powerful of them all is Tunche, a magical beast capable of granting any wish. Taking on the role of one of five characters, you will traverse the Amazon in search of this beast, and the boon that it grants and unravel the mystery behind its disappearance along the way.


Five Characters, Five Stories, Five Unique…

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