Dec 24, 2021
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Best Of 2021: How Deltarune Chapter 2 Portrays A Disturbingly Dark Relationship

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The follow-up to indie mega-hit Undertale, Deltarune has been releasing in chapters as creator Toby Fox and his small team finishes them. So far, two chapters have been made available as freeware on PS4, Switch, and PC–though future installments may be paid. Both chapters feature the same offbeat humor, endearing characters, and experimental, genre-blending gameplay that made Undertale so beloved, but amped up to new levels. While the chapters are short, they’re hard to put down, and once you’ve started playing, it’s tough to stop until you’ve hit the endpoint.

Part of the enduring appeal of Undertale has been the numerous hidden secrets, Easter eggs, and small hints of something bigger and more sinister going on in…

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