Dec 29, 2021
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The Ascent’s big guns and bigger explosions were the perfect cure for a stressful year

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Staff Picks

Game of the Year 2021

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In addition to our main Game of the Year Awards 2021, each member of the PC Gamer team is shining a spotlight on a game they loved this year. We’ll post new staff picks, alongside our main awards, throughout the rest of the month.

My long-running obsession with Path of Exile has given me an appetite for big, complex action-RPGs. The Ascent is neither of these. It’s a compact romp that you can polish off in under 20 hours, absent any live service stuff to keep you beholden to it after you finish the story. It doesn’t demand much of your attention or time, so you might assume it doesn’t linger long in the mind, but here I am at the end of the year making it my staff pick.  

See, despite my taste in ARPGs,…

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