Dec 2, 2021
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The VR Age of Sigmar game isn’t metal enough

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Age of Sigmar gets a bad rap from fans of the Old World—Warhammer’s previous fantasy setting—which was pushed to the back of the cupboard in 2015, discontinued in favor of this more high-fantasy take on the genre. I like the Old World too, but Age of Sigmar has its place. It’s Warhammer with the heavy metal turned up, a setting where ghoul kings hallucinate courts draped in finery while actually ruling ruins full of cannibals, steampunk sky-dwarfs mine gaseous aether-gold out of cloud banks, and dragons can be so immense one is wrapped in chains and used as a sun. There’s a character called Drakatoa, the Living Avalanche. It’s gonzo as fuck.

I sure wish that came across in Tempestfall.

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In this VR action…

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