Jan 15, 2022
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Mario Kart 9 Could Focus on New Vehicle Types

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Leaks claim that the next Mario Kart game will have a twist, which means Nintendo could break from its usual focus on land vehicles.

Mario gliding toward the finish line of a Mario Kart course with Bowser and a couple Toads in view

New rumors suggest that Nintendo plans to deliver Mario Kart 9 sometime soon, and that it’ll have some kind of major twist. One leaker has already claimed that the next Mario Kart game will act as a crossover title that unites many Nintendo IPs under one roof, but it’s possible that Nintendo has another twist in mind. Previous installments like Mario Kart: Double Dash introduced special gimmicks that mixed up the racing formula, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see Nintendo build Mario Kart 9 around a new mechanic of some kind. Until Nintendo makes a reveal, though, fans will be left guessing.

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