Jan 10, 2022
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Pokemon Legends Arceus Trailer Shows Off the Hisui Region

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Now that Pokemon Legends: Arceus is about to launch at the end of January 2022, Nintendo shared another trailer for the game. This is more of an overview than anything. It primarily focuses on showing in-game footage. Both Pokemon Legends: Arceus Pokemon and Hisui region highlights come up during it.

Things begin with looks at the Hisui region in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. We see a “painted” version of its map. Then, different biomes show up. There’s a grasslands area, with Bidoof and Starly around. After that, it looks at a beach where lots of Buizel and Floatzel are wandering. A peek at a snowy region reveals that Ralts and Gardevoir will roam there. It also shows off a somewhat forested area with Turtwigs and Yanmas. After that,…

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