Jan 10, 2022
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Why are Rockstar fans pushing the #SaveRedDeadOnline hashtag?

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Rockstar’s open world cowboy game Red Dead Online trended throughout last weekend and into this week, but not for the reasons the publisher might wish. Players are working to make a hashtag viral in an attempt to demand some answers about its continued development. #SaveRedDeadOnline is currently a hot topic on Twitter, and long-time fans are pleading for some kind of update from Rockstar — or at least an explanation as to what’s going on.

Red Dead Online is an add-on to Red Dead Redemption 2, but much like Grand Theft Auto Online, it was spun off into its own standalone product. The fan pushback comes from the lack of recent content updates: Rockstar released the Blood Money update on July 13, 2020, an underwhelming addition

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