How to Be Autoconfirmed on Pokemon Showdown

Are you a Pokemon Showdown enthusiast looking to level up your game? Are you ready to take on the toughest opponents in the virtual arena? Fortunately, becoming autoconfirmed is easy and can be done with just a few simple steps. Within this piece of content, we’ll show you how to become autoconfirmed on Pokemon Showdown!

How to Get Autoconfirmed on Pokemon Showdown

Autoconfirmed on Pokemon Showdown

What is Autoconfirmed in Pokemon Showdown?

Autoconfirmed is a term used in the Pokemon Showdown chat to describe a user who has met certain requirements. These requirements include being registered for at least two weeks and not being punished in any public room. Being autoconfirmed has many benefits, including the ability to join in on the lottery and participate in certain activities.

Requirements for Becoming Autoconfirmed

In order to become autoconfirmed on Pokémon Showdown, players must meet certain requirements. Players must have an account registered for at least 14 days and have made at least 10 edits on the Pokémon Showdown website. Edits can be made to any page, including the main page, forums, and chat. Once these requirements are met, players will become autoconfirmed.

This process can take days to complete. Players may also use the ‘/faq autoconfirmed’ command to help determine when they will become autoconfirmed. Once players have been autoconfirmed, they are able to access additional features within the game such as the ability to create teams and join tournaments.

What are the Benefits of Becoming Autoconfirmed?

Once you become an autoconfirmed user on Pokemon Showdown, you can enjoy a variety of benefits. Autoconfirmed users can access features like the friends list and use more emoticons.

They are also able to create and join tournaments, which is a great way to play with others in the community.

Additionally, autoconfirmed users who help out will receive badges that give them several different benefits, such as being able to post links and images in chat rooms. All these advantages make it well worth the effort for those interested in getting autoconfirmed on Pokemon Showdown.

Using the ‘/faq autoconfirmed’ Command

The ‘/faq autoconfirmed’ command is an easy way to get more information on what being autoconfirmed entails. This command will show the user when they registered, which is helpful in determining if they need to meet the requirements for being autoconfirmed.

If any errors are triggered when trying to interact with the friends feature, then it is likely an indication that the user must become autoconfirmed. By using the ‘/faq autoconfirmed’ command, users can ensure that they have all of the necessary information and requirements to become autoconfirmed on Pokemon Showdown.

Checking if Your Account is Autoconfirmed

It is important to know if your account is autoconfirmed or not, so that you can take advantage of all the benefits that come with it.

Checking if your account is autoconfirmed can be done by using the ‘/faq autoconfirmed’ command in Pokemon Showdown. This command will show you when your account was registered, and whether or not you have achieved the requirements for autoconfirmation.

Additionally, you can check for autoconfirmation status every time you perform a restricted action. If you have met the necessary criteria, the software will grant you this status automatically. Knowing if your account is autoconfirmed or not is important in order to take full advantage of all the privileges that come with it.

Troubleshooting Tips for Becoming Autoconfirmed

If you are still having trouble becoming autoconfirmed on Pokemon Showdown, there are a few troubleshooting tips you can try.

 First, make sure you have completed all the necessary requirements and that you have waited the full week before attempting to join the chat. If you have already done this and it is still not working, try accessing a different server or restarting your computer.

If the issue persists, it may be beneficial to contact customer support for help.


Becoming autoconfirmed on Pokemon Showdown can provide many benefits. Autoconfirmed users are able to join public rooms, participate in the lottery, and contribute to GitHub. By now you should have more idea about how to get autoconfirmed on pokemon showdown. If you have any queries, you can make use of our comment section.

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