12 Best Binding of Isaac Challenges To Unlock More Items

Are you a fan of the Binding of Isaac? Ready to take your gaming skills to the next level? Then look no further! Because we have rounded up some of the best Binding of Isaac challenges for any fan looking for an extra challenge. So get ready, because it’s time to take your game to the next level!

12 Best Binding of Isaac Challenges

1. The Tank

The Tank challenge is a great way to test your skills in the Binding of Isaac. Starting with Bucket of Lard, Infamy, Yum Heart, and Thunder Thighs, Magdalene is the default character for this challenge. Ansuz is the first room of this challenge and it is pretty easy to complete.

This challenge is great for those who want to test their skills as it requires quick reflexes and good aim. Good items for this run include Spoon Bender for homing shots and Brimstone which can be a massive help in getting through this challenge and you will be rewarded with Rune of Ansuz.

2. Slow Roll

In the Slow Roll challenge, players must traverse the Depths II and defeat Mom. Players must start with Polyphemus, Cupid’s Arrow, and My Reflection. The damage is fixed at 100 and the shot speed is fixed at 1, making this challenge much easier than others like The Tank or Glass Cannon. Along with Computer Savvy, this is one of the few challenges you can almost guarantee a win and unlock Swallowed Penny.

3. Glass Cannon

The Glass Cannon challenge is the 11th challenge in The Binding of Isaac and requires players to start as Judas with Epic Fetus and Loki’s Horns. The goal is to defeat Satan and the challenge is unlocked by unlocking Epic Fetus (Challenge 19) and Loki’s Horns.

This challenge can be tricky due to its reliance on quickly getting health, so it’s essential to have good items like Spoon Bender for homing shots, or Brimstone which can more or less win you the challenge. If you manage to succeed you will unlock the Rules Card.

4. Suicide King

The seventh challenge in the Binding of Isaac series is the Suicide King challenge. Playing as Lazarus, players must run to the Cathedral and defeat Isaac with only Ipecac, Mr. Mega and My Reflection items.

One strategy that could make this challenge easier is to get shot speed upgrades. This will make the bombs fly faster and more accurately, making it easier to dodge obstacles and attacks from Isaac. The Suicide King Challenge requires quick reflexes and skilful manoeuvring to succeed.

5. The Host

The Host is one of the toughest Binding of Isaac challenges. Players need to make it through a series of rooms, starting with Spiderbaby, The Mulligan, and the Tick. The goal is to defeat Mom and unlock the challenge.

To help overcome this challenge, players should avoid using Brimstone, Mom’s Knife and Fetus Items. Some strategies that can be used are Cursed!, Waka waka (Anti-grav is very effective if you tap fire it), and Demo Man. With some skill and patience, this challenge can be conquered, bringing you one step closer to victory in Binding of Isaac!

6. Demo Man

Demo Man

Demo Man is considered one of the hardest challenges in The Binding of Isaac, and it’s no surprise why. It requires the player to defeat Mom’s Heart or It Lives with a limited selection of items. Dr. Fetus, Remote Detonator, and the Match Stick trinket are all available to start, and it’s recommended to use the Detonator item to detonate the Dr. Fetus bombs early on.

Good items for this run include Spoon Bender for homing shots and Brimstone for extra firepower, making it a lot easier to survive the onslaught of enemies thrown at you.

With a bit of luck and skill, you can make it through this challenge and unlock Chaos Card, but it definitely won’t be easy!

7. Pitch Black

Pitch Black challenge is not too hard. Your goal is to reach Depths II (or something similar) and beat Mom. The difficulty of Pitch Black lies in the fact that you cannot see your health, and all rooms are dark.

While there are Treasure rooms available in this challenge, shops are not. If you’re looking for a challenge that will test your skills, Pitch Black is a great choice. By completing this challenge, you’ll gain the satisfaction of knowing that you have conquered one of the best Binding of Isaac Challenges and unlocked the Rune of Hagalaz.

8. Cat Got Your Tongue

Cat Got Your Tongue is one of the most iconic and popular challenges in The Binding of Isaac. This challenge requires players to start with Guppy’s Head, Guppy’s Tail, and Guppy’s Hair Ball, as well as three Soul Hearts.

It is relatively easy compared to other challenges and can be completed by using the power of the hairball and some speed ups. Players should be careful not to use Guppy’s Head too often, as they will need to feed kills to the hairball in order to progress.

To unlock Cat Got Your Tongue, you need to become Greed Mode, which requires you to collect 4 heart containers and a special item. There are also some great seeds for Switch that can be used for this challenge. With all these components combined, players should have no trouble conquering this classic challenge in The Binding of Isaac.

9. Solar System

Solar System is an intense challenge that requires the player to start without any ability to fire tears. In order to progress and survive, players must take advantage of flight, hiding behind rocks and pits, while relying on Distant Admiration, Forever Alone, Halo of Flies and Transcendence as their only means of defence.

This challenge can be incredibly frustrating, as Lil Brimstone can make it easier but double trouble Gurdy Junior and other enemies can be difficult to beat. However, with the right strategy and some luck, this challenge can be conquered by the most skilled players.

10. Computer Savvy

Computer Savvy

Computer Savvy is another great challenge for those looking for a challenge in the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. This challenge requires the player to navigate to the Depths II and defeat Mom. With the help of Spoon Bender, homing shots can be used to make aim less of an issue, and Brimstone is a massive help for this run. Once completed, this challenge can be considered as one of the best in its tier.

11. Waka Waka

This challenge requires you to go to the Depths II and beat Mom. It is unlocked by default, but you should look for items like the Cube of Meat, The Candle, Guppy’s Head, or Tammy’s that let you do damage without using tears.

12. It’s in the Cards

The It’s in the Cards challenge is one of the more unique challenges offered in The Binding of Isaac. Players are tasked with running to Depths II to defeat Mom. To make matters more difficult, players must start off with a Deck of Cards, Starter Deck, The Battery, 9 Volt and two random tarot cards. This challenge can be difficult to complete but those who do will be rewarded with a unique character, Delirious.

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