Best Binding of Isaac Seeds: Afterbirth+ & Repentance

Are you a fan of the Binding of Isaac? Then you already know it’s full of secrets and surprises! Looking for new challenges or trying to beat your high score? Look no further.

We’ve put together a list of the best Binding of Isaac seeds  – all optimized for maximum fun and excitement. So grab your dice and let’s get started!

Top List of Binding of Isaac Repentance Seeds

Binding of Isaac Repentance Seeds

Seed N62G K7JW

Seed N62G K7JW is among the best binding of Isaac seeds for beginners. It was originally played in Normal mode, but you can also play in Greed mode for a more challenging experience. And you can find items like Bible, Ankh, Tech X, Guppy’s Collar, Mutant Spider, Sausage, and more.

The best character for this seed is Azazel, who deals a whole heart of contact damage. Note that the bible is on Depths II in secret room.


The seed D4E4 YK0G is one of the best Binding of Isaac Repentance seeds available right now. This seed is great for players looking to explore the full depths of the game and experience a challenging but rewarding run.

Players can expect to face a variety of difficult enemies, bosses, and unique rewards as they make their way through this seed’s levels. Rewards like Soy Milk, Goat Head, Rocket in a Jar, Dead Cat, and Blood Clot.

Additionally, this seed is also compatible with the PC Afterbirth version of the game, offering players even more content and challenges to enjoy.


This seed unlocks a wide variety of items and enemies, making it ideal for completing challenging runs in hard mode and normal mode.

Players can expect to find a variety of items, ranging from health upgrades to powerful weapons, as well as rare enemies that can be fought for even greater rewards.

With QN1W 1DDF, players can also access alternate paths and secret rooms, adding an extra layer of difficulty and excitement to their playthroughs. This seed is sure to give players an enjoyable and rewarding experience, no matter what character they choose to play.


The seed 8Z1E 0TAK is an OP run on Normal mode that yields Mutant Spider, Proptosis, and triple Brimstone, as well as homing shots. This is an excellent seed to use for Binding of Isaac: Repentance, and it fits in well with the best seeds from both Repentance and Afterbirth.


NLZE 1YE8 is an incredibly powerful seed for Binding of Isaac: Repentance. This seed unlocks the full potential of the game, allowing players to easily beat Satan in Hard mode with one shot.

With this seed, players can be any character they want and reap the rewards of the Breaking of Isaac. It is a useful seed to have in any player’s arsenal, as it can provide a powerful advantage when playing the game.

The Best Afterbirth+ Seeds

The Best Afterbirth Seeds are a great way to get the most out of Binding of Isaac Afterbirth. These seeds offer players endless possibilities to experience the game in a new way, with different items, enemies, and bosses.

Afterbirth Seeds

PC Afterbirth+ Seeds

On PC afterbirth, the seed H9FG 81HH is one of the best as it gives you great items right from the start. Additionally, HCER LV8R and 0E81 79LB are also top seeds that offer great rewards. These seeds provide a great opportunity to get amazing items early in the game and make your run even more enjoyable.


The seed H9FG 81HH is one of the best Binding of Isaac Afterbirth seeds for PC. It is a randomly generated action-shooter with heavy RPG elements, offering an exciting and challenging game experience.

This seed provides plenty of powerful items such as Inner Eye, Mutant Spider, 20/20, and more. It can be used in Normal Items Mode, making it a great choice for players who are looking for a more intense game.


This seed is known for its unique item combinations, allowing players to progress through the game in a variety of ways and can be used in normal mode. It is especially useful for those playing on PC. It provides a plethora of interesting items; Mutant Spider, Brimstone, Magic Mushroom, and more secrets to uncover.

Players have used this seed to complete runs in record time, showing just how powerful it can be when used correctly.

0E81 79LB

This seed will generate a unique and challenging playthrough, with plenty of bosses and secrets to discover in hard mode. You can access items like; Small Rock, Ludovico Technique, Spider Bite & Cricket’s Head.

Nintendo Switch Afterbirth+ Seeds

In this section, we’ll be discussing some of the best Nintendo Switch Afterbirth seeds. Afterbirth is a DLC for the Binding of Isaac, featuring new bosses, characters, items, and more. The Polyphemus, Ludovico Technique, Spoon Bender, The Pact, Prayer Card, and Experimental Treatment can all be found in these seeds.


MZ4L 3QMG is a great Binding of Isaac seed for Switch players to use in Normal Mode. It is perfect for those looking to take on Azazel as their character, as it offers great items to help you in your journey.

You can expect to find items like Proptosis, Mutant Spider, Brimstone, 20/20, Jacob’s Ladder, The Mulligan, & Spirit of the Night. With MZ4L 3QMG as your seed, you are sure to have an enjoyable experience! At some point, Pyromaniac also shows up, which helps make up for the low amount of health improvements.


The 0JH0 CR3E seed is available for the Nintendo Switch version of Afterbirth in Normal Mode. It is an excellent seed for players who want to play as Azazel, as it provides a great balance between challenging enemies and powerful items.

This seed will provide access to some of the best items in the game, including Book of Sins, Godhead, Capricorn, Athame, Guppy’s Collar, Judas’s Shadow, & Growth Hormones.

Players should note that it’s best to play as Eden so you can get Godhead as one of your first items. Nonetheless, it’s a good seed that might be used with various characters.

PS4 Afterbirth+ Seeds

If you’re looking to get the most powerful items on PS4, you should definitely try out the Afterbirth Seeds.

Two of the best PS4 Afterbirth Seeds include H3TY STBK and D6XA WL2H. When playing with Azazel as your character, these two Seeds can help you get some of the best items available in the game.


The seed H3TY STBK is one of the great available in Normal Mode. This seed contains items like Guppy’s Head, Guppy’s Paw, Hive Mind, and BFF. With the Head item, players can use the D6 dice to complete their run.

If you’re a player and you like Guppy, such a seed is a treat for you. To access Guppy on the initial floor, you have to play as Isaac. Inside the room with the curse, unlock the 3 Red Chests, consider taking Guppy’s Paw, make contact with Guppy’s Head, and put it back for the D6. Put the head back into Guppy’s Collar, and the fun can begin!


The next seed on the list is D6XA WL2H, which is a PS4 seed for The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth. This seed gives you access to Epic Fetus, Triple Shot, Guppy, and Wafer. It’s a great seed to use with Azazel, as he has increased damage and speed, allowing you to take out enemies quickly. You can also take advantage of the items included in this seed.

Tips for Generating the Best Seeds

When it comes to generating the best Binding of Isaac seeds, there are some tips and tricks that can help make the process a bit easier.

For one, when selecting a character, Azazel is a great option as he has the ability to fly and can easily access areas that other characters cannot. Additionally, it is important to choose the right items for your build as they can help you through difficult levels.

For example, Polyphemus, Ludovico Technique, Spoon Bender, The Pact and Prayer Card are all great items to pick up. Finally, using in-game cheats and experimenting with different seed strings can help you generate the best results.

With these tips in mind and some practice, you’ll be able to generate some of the best Binding of Isaac seeds in no time!

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