How to Heal in Dont Starve Together Game

No matter how well you plan, there will come a time when you’re injured in Don’t Starve game. When this happens you might start searching for don’t starve how to heal, it’s crucial that you know how to heal quickly, or you could quickly find yourself in a world of hurt.

In this article, we’ll go over the basics of healing in Don’t Starve, from what items you can use to heal yourself, to how to prevent further injury.

We’ll also cover some basic tips on don’t starve how to heal, so that you can minimize the amount of time you spend healing, and get back to adventuring as quickly as possible.

don t starve how to heal

How Do You Heal Yourself in Don’t Starve Together?

Here are the basic things to do if you are one of those people searching for don’t starve how to heal.

One Way Is by Eating Food

Eating Food Don't Starve Together

Consuming the appropriate foods is the most effective method for regaining lost health while playing the game. This may seem obvious, but it’s true. However, you need to be careful about what you eat because some foods that are helpful will come with undesirable side effects, and other meals will simply hurt you.

If this is your first time playing the game and you’re searching for a short fix while you explore, read on. While you are getting used to the game’s interface and the mechanics of the game, you can survive with just a few fruits and seeds to keep you alive.

You can also get more health benefits from heating them. Users can even kill butterflies and consume their wings to restore some health, but you should be careful about how frequently you do this because it adds to your degree of naughtiness and Krampus will be coming for you if it becomes too high.

However, this will not be sufficient, and for you to stay alive, you’ll require meals that are somewhat more substantial. If this is the case, you will need to look for the items necessary to create a crock pot.

Try to Prepare Crock Pot

Crock Pot Don't Starve Together

I really should have done this when I first started playing, but for some reason I avoided constructing one. In addition, they are simple to create and require only 6 Charcoal, 3 Cut Stone, and the last item will be 6 Twigs.

In Don’t Starve game, you will be able to truly learn how and where to heal when you have acquired a Crock Pot at your base. These items are among the most effective restorative products in the game.

Make Honey Ham

Honey Ham is also among the most effective methods to heal in Don’t Starve because its components are easily accessible. Only a sort of Honey & Meat is required. Add ingredients into Crock Pot and heat for about 40s. Ham glazed with honey replenishes 75 Hunger, 30 Health, and 5 Sanity which expires in fifteen days.
Prepare Fishsticks

Once you have Eel or Fish, you will gain access to one of the useful foods in the game: which is the Fishstick. So gather Fish about 0.5 and twigs, then heat it for about 40 seconds in a Crock Pot, and you’re done. Fishsticks grant 37.5 Hunger, 40 Health, and also Sanity which will last for 10 days

Make Pierogi

One Egg, some sort of Meat, and some sort of Vegetable are all you need to make Pierogi. To gain 37.5 Hunger, 40-45 Health, and 5 Sanity from food, all you need to do is cook it in a Crock Pot for just 20 seconds. The pie stays out for a long time, but after 20 days, it goes bad.

Make Dragonpie

Dragonpie can be cooked in a slow cooker and it takes only one ingredient: dragon fruit. It is part of the uncommon Fruits in the game. If you are fortunate enough to obtain some, cook it for 1 min and you will be rewarded with 75 Hunger, 40 Health, and 5 Sanity and it will expire in 15 days.

Prepare Waffles

Waffles is also part of the healing dish after Mandrake Soup in Don’t Starve. They grant 37.5 Hunger, sixty Health, and five Sanity. Waffles require 1 Butter, 1 Egg, 1 Berry, and an additional ingredient (such as Honey). After cooking for ten seconds in the Crock Pot, you will have a delicious meal.

Make Mandrake Soup

It replenishes 150 Hunger, 100 Health, and 5 Sanity, making it the most potent healing food in the game. To prepare it, simply add at least one mandrake to the Crock Pot and heat it for 1 min. However, one disadvantage of Mandrake sauce is that it degrades rather quickly and expires within six days.

Avoid Damage

If you want to learn how to heal in Don’t Starve, you must also understand that avoiding injury is one of the most important abilities to have. It will be easier to avoid taking injury in the first place than it will be to create or locate the resources need to heal.

Learn from your mistakes. Ensure you are aware of the cause of your death so you can prevent it in the future. Examine the attacks and abilities of the opponents you face. Instead of accepting death as inevitable, learn from it because you can use it against the game in a second run.

How Is a Healing Salve Made in Don’t Starve?

In Don’t Starve, learning how to cure requires good knowledge of foodstuffs and Crock Pot dishes, but players can also use a Healing Salve. These goods grant 20 Health and are really quite simple to build.

To create a Healing Salve, one Rock, two Ashes, and two Spider Glands are required. You must use a piece of Science equipment to construct the prototype, after which you will be in business.


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