12 FFX Best Blitzball Players & how You Can Locate Them

Are you an avid fan of the game Blitzball in Final Fantasy X? Do you have a favourite team, or are you looking to recruit the best players for your own? If so, then this post is for you! We’ve scouted out the top FFX blitzball players and compiled them here. Let’s take a look at who made the cut!

FFX Best Blitzball Players

12 FFX Best Blitzball Team & how You Can Locate Them

1. Wakka: The All-Rounder


Wakka is a recruitable character in ffx and is the captain of the Aurochs blitzball team. Wakka is a great all-rounder, with high EN and SH stats that make him an ideal player for any team. His HP, speed, and assault stats are also impressive. As a Blitzball player, Wakka has access to several weapons like the Thunderball, Water Ball, and All-Rounder. The All-Rounder weapon is an especially useful tool for Wakka as it allows him to use all four slots to maximize his potential as an all-rounder. Additionally, he can also be equipped with the Jecht Shot which enables him to score a lot of goals.

2. Zalitz


Zalitz is a recruitable player in ffx’s Blitzball minigame. Zalitz is a great defender, with high attack, block, and pass stats that continue to grow as he levels up. He also has the ability to swim faster than almost all other players, making him an invaluable asset for any Blitzball team. Zalitz can be found in the Luca Stadium after the Blitzball tournament during Chapter 3 of the game. He is initially rated as a B-level player, but he can be upgraded to A-level with enough training and experience.

3. Jumal: The Speedster


Jumal is a free-agent player in the popular Square Enix role-playing game Final Fantasy X. He is known for his unique and powerful CA (catch) stat, which is very high at low levels. Additionally, he knows the “Super Goalie” technique, making him an invaluable asset to any Blitzball team. His CA (catch) stat also allows him to be a great defensive player and to have impressive speed when running around the field.

4. Nimrook


Nimrook is the goalkeeper for the Al Bhed Psyches blitzball team in FFX. He has the highest CA rating of all the blitzball players in Spira, making him the best goalkeeper. Nimrook can be recruited for 100 gil per match and is located in the Airship corridor. His stats include a high defense rating and he does not require a high level to become useable. He is best played in a Goal Keeper position and when you get control of the ball immediately hit Triangle or Y whatever gets released. The best defense team at level 99 includes Nimrook as the Left Defender.

5. Miyu


Miyu is a Crusader who can be recruited as a free agent in Final Fantasy X. She is located on the South Shore of the Moonflow and can be recruited for 200 gil. Miyu has strong AT and EN stats, as well as decent CA, making her a useful player for any team. She is best suited to play in a Goal Keeper position.

6. Tidus: The Ace Striker


Tidus is a skilled and among the ffx best blitzball players, a popular water sport played in the city that never sleeps, Zanarkand. He is the lead character of Final Fantasy X, and he plays for the Zanarkand Abes just like his father did. In battle, he is an agile fighter with high shooting stats that scale fairly well with his level.

7. Brother: The Unstoppable Juggernaut


Brother is a character in the Final Fantasy 10 universe, first appearing in the iconic Blitzball minigame. Brother is one of the most sought after players due to his incredible swimming ability, making him faster than almost all other players. His speed and agility has made him an integral part of Wakka’s team, who are virtually unstoppable thanks to Brother’s presence. He also has special techniques and moves he can pull off which make him even more deadly in Blitzball.

8. Beclem: The Master Technician


Beclem is a supporting character in Final Fantasy X-2. He appears as a gruff old man, who serves as the leader of the Besaid Aurochs and a master technician in the Besaid Village Temple. Beclem is also Wakka’s mentor, and he seeks to help Wakka hone his skills in blitzball. As a master technician, Beclem is incredibly knowledgeable about the inner workings of ancient machinery like Airships and machine making him the best blitzball players.

9. Rin: The Preeminent Goalkeeper


Rin is the preeminent goalkeeper in ffx blitzball players. He is a member of the Al Bhed Psyches blitzball team, and his CA rating is consistently the highest of all players in Spira. He has superior reflexes and reactions, making him an ideal goalkeeper for any team. His stats are impressive, boasting high attack and block skills, as well as pass stats that increase as he levels up. Rin is a great option for players who don’t have access to more advanced characters yet. He has high endurance and doesn’t require a high level to become useful. This makes him resilient and able to keep up with the pace of the game.

10. Wedge


Wedge is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy X and is one of the two guards that stand outside the stadium in Luca. He is considered to be an upper-tier player in the game, and can be recruited into the player’s team if they choose to do so. While he starts off as an average player at around level 20, Wedge can become a great forward with a CA (Control Ability) of 62 once he hits level 99.

11. Nedus


Nedus is a recruitable player in ffx blitzball players and is best played as a Left or Right Forward. Nedus and Brother are both level 99 and have the best Special (SP) stat, which makes them the best players to score goals. Nedus plays blitzball for Al Bhed. He wears a mask and is known for being fast.

When recruiting Nedus, it is important to note that he is better suited for scoring than defending due to his low AT and PA stats. He can be recruited at level 60 or higher, so it is best to scout him when he has 2-5 games left on his contract in order to get him before anyone else.

12. Giera Guado

Giera Guado

Giera Guado is the Guado Glories’ captain and left forwards. He is a recruitable player in Blitzball and is best played in a Forward position. Giera can be hired for 1000 gil per game and can be found in Guadosalam. His stats include high speed, endurance, pass and shot making him almost impossible to stop without two or more players. He also has access to Venom Shot, Nap Shot, and Pile Venom key techniques.

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