12 Games Like Bike Race | Top Bike Race Similar Games

Do you enjoy playing offline bike race games? If so, you’ll love the games in this roundup! We’ve collected some of the best games like bike race that will keep you entertained for hours.

In these bike race similar games, you’ll need to use your skills and reflexes to navigate your way through challenging levels. You’ll need to be quick and precise if you want to make it to the finish line. There are a ton of games like bike race out there, but these are the best of the best and they are available on Android & iOS devices.

Games Like Bike Race

About Bike Race Game

Bike Race Free is an Action, Side-scrolling, Single-Player, and Multiplayer video game created and released by Top Free Games. There are numerous worlds available, and the player must accomplish each world’s set of stages in order to advance in the game.

Only one regular bike is accessible at the beginning of the game. After finishing a number of stages, the player will collect money, badges, and bonuses that he may use to access additional bikes or buy sturdy motorcycles with real-world currency.

Players can ask their Facebook friends to battle against them in a match played with the chance to rack up bonus points if they happen to win.

12 Best Bike Race Similar Games

1. Bike Mayhem

Bike Mayhem

Bike Mayhem is an interesting mountain bike racing game. It was published by Best Free Games Inc. for mobile operating systems like iOS and Android. The game includes a ton of motorcycles with unique ratings and provides a 3D world in all the game locations. I am sure you have never played anything like it before, so you should definitely get the game today and experience the original gameplay.

You can acquire better motorcycles, boost large jumps, and unlock new speeds for your bikes in the game. You can also ride down lovely trails, crashing over roots and rocks.

There are many mountain paths with more than eight speeds for motorcycles and riders. There are various stages, and you must complete each one before the time given expires. Bypass traps to avoid losing the game. You can also perform stunts in order to increase your score.

2. Psebay: Gravity Moto Trials

Psebay Gravity Moto Trials

This is one of the interesting games like bike race you should check out today. The game features fantastic gameplay and a nice setting. The game is played in a 3D environment, and it gives the player the opportunity to take on the character of a motorcyclist who must navigate several stages to earn the most points.

There are several levels to choose from, and each one presents the same challenge: the player must complete the stage before the time limit is exceeded.
The player must overcome a variety of outrageous obstacles in each level to stay alive and carry out numerous feats in the air.


grid game

It’s impossible to compare the racing action in GRID to any other bike race similar games. This game offers a unique racing experience to the player. The game is back with a brand-new experience where each race is an opportunity to build your own track, write your own story, and rule the world of racing.

4. Moto X3M Bike Race Game

Moto X3M Bike Race Game

This game was published by Ace Viral. It is another superb and fantastic bike racing game people are playing now. The game has more than 75 difficult stages you must scale through. Each one is filled with crazy challenges that the player must face to survive.
The player must select his preferred bike from those that are offered before starting the game, which requires him to accelerate his bike to go over huge obstacles and pull off various feats in the air.

5. Motorbike Madness

motorbike madness game

An overhead view of downhill racing is presented in Motorbike Madness. Amazing! You have a certain amount of time to get to the bottom while staying within the track’s bounds. Avoid obstacles like parked automobiles, logs, and water.
The more cash you win, the quicker you finish the level you are given. The bike must be repaired from the cash won if it is ever damaged, while the remaining funds may be used for improvements.

6. Trial Xtreme 4

Trial Xtreme 4

For gamers who like 3D bike racing video games, Trial Xtreme 4 is among the best games like bike race you should play today. The player must initially select his preferred bike and make an attempt to finish the level’s goal while dodging crazy hurdles to avoid losing the game.

The game ends when the player touches any barrier. He must restart the game from the beginning again. The player can use his earned points to gain access to new motorcycles and upgrade the existing ones. When a level is finished within the allotted time, the game awards the player three stars.

7. Fun Kid Racing: Motocross

Fun Kid Racing Motocross

Keep yourself busy with this crazy racing video game. Fun Kid Racing: Motocross features both action and adventure.
It is one of the games like bike race that enables you to practice new skills and techniques while getting ready for an exciting physics-based driving experience.
You will have access to different settings and environments such as snow, safari, jungle, police, and original racing, among others.

The player must choose one of the various motorcycles, and then personalize it by choosing the gear and altering the colour of their choice. Each of the game’s worlds offers a unique setting with a variety of crazy obstacles.

8. Moto Cross

moto cross bike

Here is one of the amazing bike race similar games you should play. The game provides players with a variety of motorcycles and takes place in an engaging atmosphere. It features several locations around the world and introduces funny tracks loaded with barriers and challenges.

The player must choose his personal bike with the top statistics before starting the game. You can, as you continue playing the game, upgrade your bike.
The player has a variety of skills throughout the gameplay, including the ability to backflip in the air and utilize different items to enhance those abilities.

9. Drift 19

Drift 19 bike

Drift19 is one of the first and only realistic drifting simulation video games like bike race. This game is without a doubt for you if you have a passion for vehicles, engine loudness, and drifting games. To challenge other players like you, you have to rebuild your vehicle, and hone your expertise. You can then compete in different world championships!

10. Stickman Trials

Stickman Trials

In this game, there are four game modes available, including Daily Challenge, Ghost Competitions, Multiplayer, and Single-Player mode. The player must choose one of his favourite motorcycles from those offered and then involve himself in the racing competition. There are many fantastic bikes available with customizing features.

The player’s main goal is to start the game from the beginning points and battle to get all the way to the conclusion by pulling off stunts and dodging obstacles. It contains a number of levels, and each level presents a unique setting and a series of obstacles the player must avoid dying.

11. Mad Skills Motocross 2

Mad Skills Motocross 2

Here is another action and racing game you should check out today. It features 11 new bikes, Versus Mode, and more in a 3D world. There are several tracks and levels. Each of them is loaded with dangers, crazy barriers, and other difficulties.

You put yourself in the position of the cyclist. Your main objective is to select a bike and enter the game’s arena, where you must complete each level with the greatest possible score in order to earn three stars and access more levels.

12. Need for Speed Heat

This is one of the great racing games like bike race that you can always enjoy in your leisure moment. The player participates in the Speedhunter Showdown, a legitimate competition where you can win money to personalize and improve your fast vehicle.

The player has to increase the level of competition in illegal street races at night in order to get access to larger races and higher parts. Be prepared because the police are around to catch you, but not all of them are impartial.

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