8 Best Games Like Dungeon Village For Android & iOS

Are you interested in trying other games like dungeon village? If so, we got your back. In this article, we are going to introduce you to city building game similar to dungeon village.

games like dungeon village

About Dungeon Village

Kairosoft created and marketed the simulation video game Dungeon Village for the iOS and Android platforms. The game was release for both Android and iOS versions on 2nd March 2012.
To start playing this game, player is required to start building their perfect city, attract inhabitants to live there, and even expand it so that they can generate some revenue for you to do other things.
The game brings together elements of both Role-playing and Management, giving the player control over their army as they work to protect the community from dangerous monsters. During gameplay, the player must organise numerous events that draw the attention of strangers and develop new buildings to transform his land into a wealthy village.

8 Best Similar Games to Dungeon Village

1. Banished


Banished is among the real city building game that was released in 2014 and set in a fantasy world. The game seems to be somehow differs from the typical idea of a civilization that is controlled by the player. Instead, you a a player has the task of creating a human civilization starting from its very foundation.

In order to survive, humans must inhabit a variety of islands and make sure to develop a sustainable resource system that will help with all the basic needs. The game contains lots of modes to choose from, but the most acctrative ones involve constructing a city and also implementing strategic tactics.

2. Frostpunk


“Frostpunk” is a dark future where the ice age is the only constant.

Humanity has endured more than a hundred years of frozen conditions, causing them to be the final survivors of a diminishing population. In order to survive, they must search for sustenance and create make-shift homes close to the world’s extremities. With each progressing winter, the weather conditions intensify and the temperature plunges below -50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The apocalypse is approaching. The primary issue with “Frostpunk” is its premise. It presents a gloomy and somber outlook on what the future may hold. Considering we are all aware of the potential outcome of global warming, how does a game set during an ice age make one feel?

Although the notion isn’t comforting, I find myself appreciating the game’s darkness simultaneously. It is part of the games like dungeon village that stands out due to its impressive artistic creativity is a game that immerses you in a frozen world and allows you to feel fully engaged with it. I cannot help but admire it for this reason.

3. Islanders


Lagaard Island is a solitary landmass located in the centre of the North Sea that affords opportunities for constructing a metropolis. The task at hand is safeguarding the inhabitants against the ferocious oceanic conditions, such as tumultuous waves and unpredictable storms, as well as fending off menacing sea creatures dwelling in the abyssal depths.

Playing this game gives a calm setting that is ideal for getting lost in the details of building a metropolis. The island’s size makes it possible to establish a wide range of settlements, from little fishing towns to substantial fortresses.

There are three distinct groups of people on the island: the Mer reside in the mountains, the Lagaard reside in a coastal village, and the Ogres occupy caves deep underground.
The gameplay on the island has mostly stayed the same, but the distinctive feature that stands out is the island itself.

4. Townscaper


Townscaper is a city building game like Dungeon Village, which is even available on various platforms including Nintendo Switch, Android, Web browser, Xbox One and iOS. However, it stands out from traditional city builders because it doesn’t take itself too seriously; instead, it’s all about having fun.

Playing a game where you can construct a city with various buildings and people at your preferred speed is sure to be fun. The focus of this game is discovery and exploration, as well as building your own island.

The game is amazing not just because it provides a tonne of content, but also because it is very user-friendly. Even if you have no prior experience with city-building games, you can still have three hours of fun.

5. Planetbase


Planetbase is a city building game that focuses on building a base on a planet that has a cosmic mystery to it. So, you’ll need to build up your base as you explore the universe. The game even teaches you a bit about physics as you build and test various machines.

You’ll need to keep your base alive but also its resources flowing, and you might need to make some tough decisions if you want to do that.
There are also some creative elements that you’ll need to think about, like how you’ll create a base that will not only help you survive but also help you expand into the cosmic depths.

6. The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom

The Settlers 7 Paths to a Kingdom

The Settlers series has existed for a long time and is not new. The seventh version of the game might be seen as the sequel to the first one. This game, as opposed to the previous one, strives to show a genuine mediaeval world, not merely one that looks like one.

The Settlers 7 is a city-building game that offers a genuine experience while presenting a mediaeval setting. The ability to build cities, engage in farming, and trade resources allows players to establish their own empires. The game offers plenty of resources and buildings for the players to use and watch their settlement thrive.

7. Settlement Survival

Settlement Survival

Being the leader of a settlement is an incredibly hard task. The people need your advice, but you’re also in charge of earning money and making sure the town is well supplied.

It is important to seek help if you start to suffer because attempting this task is not simple. The game offers a variety of resources that can help you support your society. You can even build varieties projects to accelerate the progress of your population.

Fortunately, there’s no need for concern regarding the whereabouts of your settlement since you are capable of relocating it to any part of the globe. It is part of those games like dungeon village that includes a large number of different scenarios to play through, so you’ll never get bored.

8. Going Medieval

Going Medieval is a game about building a medieval kingdom that’s filled with tons of activities. You’ll need to manage the economy, build production and plan for expansion, all while navigating the politics of your kingdom.
But that’s not all, because you’ll also need to manage the construction of towns, fortifications, and an actual army. The best part about it is that the game is constantly updating, so you’ll never get bored.
The game has a lot of gameplay to it, and it’s worth making an effort to check it out in you are interested in games similar to dungeon village.

FAQs On Dungeon Village

What is Dungeon Village?

Dungeon Village is a role-playing simulation game where players must build a village called Adventure Town. Travellers come to use the town’s amenities.

How do players progress in Dungeon Village?

Players can progress in Dungeon Village by building and upgrading their village, attracting more travellers, and completing quests.

Can players progress in Dungeon Village if they’re offline?

Yes, players can make progress in Dungeon Village while offline. The game will continue running in the background.

What strategies should players focus on in Dungeon Village?

Players should focus on building fewer, high-powered buildings rather than many weaker ones.

What other games has Sidearm Studios developed?

Sidearm Studios has also developed Ultimate Fantasy Bundle, Castle Dungeon Village, Docks Underwater, and Chrono Trigger.

Can players save their progress in the game?

Yes, players can save their progress in Dungeon Village.

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