10+ Free Breeding Games Like Lioden For Your Android & iOS

In this article, we are going to introduce you to lots of free breeding games like Lioden that will surely make your day.

Breeding Games Like Lioden

What Lioden’s Game Is All About

Lioden seems to be the best game for experiencing life as a lioness. It provides a precise representation of the aura of a lioness. The system lets you to protect your area from invaders, raise adorable cubs, and enjoy many other enjoyable activities.

Lioden is a famous game, but examining other games wouldn’t hurt, would it? If you are prepared, the article below will provide you with a list of the top games similar to Lioden.

10 Best Free Online Breeding Games Like Lioden

1. Wajas


Wajas is among the web-based breeding games like lioden that allow players to adopt a virtual pet each month. In the game, you do not play a certain role but will be given choices to choose your pet. You can change your current pet with another or get one more added to your collection each month.

You will be responsible for these breeding and you will have to take care of them. You will see them grow, do a bunch of fun activities like dressing them up, and playing with them and you can also trade them with friends. It is one of the best games similar to lioden because you get the full authority of the breeding and you can do whatever you want with them.

There is a good game vaguely styled Wolvden and Lioden. You are given complete responsibility of grounds creatures. Users can easily connect with other players and create their very own species of garden.

2. Bulu Monster

Bulu Monster

Available on Android & iOS store

If you’ve played Angry Birds on your phone, you’ll easily enjoy this game. You have to take care of the little monster. He has to eat all the vegetables, fruits, and even some fish. Your task as the parent is to feed him. There are various animals that are unique to Bulu Monster.

The player will have to raise them and feed them with all sorts of food. You can also take your time watching your baby grow up. There are also small games you can play with your creature. There are two modes of mini-games to play with Bulu Monster. You can feed him or take care of him and help him to go to the next level.

If you play Bulu Monster on your phone you will get points. You can spend these points to unlock new mini-games and other features of the game. There are some issues with this game. You have to pay money to remove ads in the game.

 3. DogHotel


Available on Android & iOS store

In this game you will be able to take care of a whole bunch of adorable puppies. The goal is to get them to sleep peacefully at night. They’re just like a real dog with all the traits that make them so cute. They have to be kept busy with lots of exercises and playing.

You can even take care of other dogs that come with the app which are totally free. Just keep them on their paws and make sure they feel loved and cared for like they would in real life. These are the best virtual pets you’ll ever meet. And it’s available on play store and Apple store for free.

4. Khimeros


Khimeros is a game where you research and develop your own species of creatures. You can breed these animals to create unique creatures, and then play with them in a variety of ways. The creatures are cute, and the game is well-designed. The “breeding” part is kind of lame, but the gameplay is fun.

5. Furry Paws

Furry Paws

Furry Paws is also among the virtual breeding games like lioden for those with a passion for dogs. This game is all about taking care of pets. It offers a training area where you can teach your dog to fetch balls, fetch sticks, and even play fetch! Your pet is capable of engaging in numerous activities, including running, jumping, and sniffing. You can choose from 3 different breeds of dogs. You can train, feed, and care for your pets. Also, this virtual pet will also interact with other players.

In levelling up, you will be able to customize their appearance through the use of skills and talents. You can play with them and take them to different locations.

6. DragonVale


Available on Android & iOS store

DragonVale is an app to create your own dragon, train it, and sell your dragon. You can start this game by choosing a dragon type, choosing its colour, and picking a gender. Then you can watch your dragon get bigger. You can feed, play with, and take care of your dragon.

There’re lots of cute creatures that you can feed to the dragon and help it grow. You can also spend your money on different upgrades for your dragon and make it more powerful. There are spring, summer, fall, and winter in the game. Each one lasts about a month.

If you are into colour games then this is a must-have. There are several types of dragons and you can buy and combine them to create new species. You can choose a dragon that suits your needs from ones that are hard-headed to ones that are ready to take on the world.

7. Monster Legends

Monster Legends

Available on Android & iOS store

Monster Legends is a game like lioden that provides you with a choice of different creatures that you can take care of. As you start, you get to choose a monster to play with. There are various species of monsters like the ones that fly, and more. You need to feed, clean, and play with your monster. The game offers multiple activities you can take part in. You can play with your monster, visit other players’ farms, and take part in various challenges. You can also take care of your monster’s health by visiting the vet or taking it to the chiropractor.

8. Pocket Frogs

Pocket Frogs

Available on Android & iOS store

Pocket Frogs is a game for mobile devices that enables you to breed frog species in a pocket-sized world. Your main aim in this game is to collect frogs that have different skins and colours. You start with a frog egg and watch it grow into a cute little frog. Your goal is to help him hatch and grow into a beautiful frog.

You can feed him, play with him, and take care of him if he’s sick. You can also collect a potion of power with the help of your frog and use it on other monsters. You can also make potions and furnish them. You can feed your frog too. If you collect the potion of power you get special powers for your frog and you can unlock new skins for them.

This game has a lot of things you can do. You can go outside and play with your friends or show them your frogs. You can also decorate your frog’s breeding place and unlock new species.

9. Animal Acres

Animal Acres is a web-based game that allows you to play with pets and take care of them. You can choose from a variety of species of pets that are available to you. All you have to do is feed them, play with them, and take care of them. You can even purchase some of them if you want to. The site also offers some nice features, such as the ability to build a farm, do some gardening work, and take care of your pets. You can also play with your pets and take them to a petting zoo.

10. Hamster Life

Available on Android & iOS store

It is another fun games similar to lioden to play with virtual hamsters. You have to feed them and play with them. The game is a lot like the classic game ‘Bunny Hop’, but this time instead of hopping around, you need to feed the hamsters and make them happy.

But the best thing about this game is they are cute and look like real hamsters! If you are a fan of the game ‘Bunny Hop’, then this is the right game for you! In this game, you have to feed your virtual pets while they are sleeping to make them grow and develop. The game lets you feed your pets by using coins that you earn in the game.


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