games like Titanfall 2

If you’re looking for some serious action, then you might want to check out games like Titanfall 2. These games offer non-stop excitement and intense combat.

We’ll start by taking a look at some of the most popular games similar to titanfall 2 in the genre, and then move on to some of the more obscure choices. So whether you’re looking for a game that’s as good or even better than Titanfall, you’ll find something to suit your needs here.

About Titanfall

Titanfall is a first-person shooter that lets you pilot giant mechs in sprawling landscapes. It’s a fast-paced game that will keep you on your toes the whole time. Respawn Entertainment made the series, and the first part of it came out on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. In later years, it was added to more platforms and game consoles.

10 Best Titanfall 2 Similar Games

1. Star Wars: Commander

Star Wars Commander

Star Wars: Commander is an enjoyable military game in which the player builds defences, trains troops, and then attacks and conquers opponents. It is among the top contender for the greatest game of its kind because of its excellent gameplay, stunning visuals, and other enjoyable features. You can also try it out for yourself.

You have the option of attacking any enemy outpost or island in order to loot its resources and take control of the location. You can choose to take on specific tasks in which you can target and fight any enemies you choose in order to unlock additional levels and skills.

2. Pocket Fort

Pocket Fort

This is a mobile game centred on strategy and war. Pocket Fort was published by Noumena Innovations and it allows players to demonstrate their defensive and attacking skills to a really high degree.
When you play as a legion’s leader, you’ll be able to direct their actions in this game. You may construct your own stronghold and defend it from attackers in fierce battles and high-stakes strategic conflicts. This will let you build a strong army and take control of areas that haven’t been explored yet.

3. Squad


Squad is a first-person shooter (FPS) that emphasizes collaboration, frequent communication, and genuine gameplay to simulate actual warfare. It combines elements from both arcade shooters and military simulation games. It is also part of the games like titanfall 2 which includes combat with up to 100 players and combined arms warfare.

4. Shadow Kings


Shadow Kings game puts you in charge of defending your country from Orcs and Elves in some very epic and terrifying fights. You’re on the side of the fairy fighters who want to win the war so they may free their homeland from the Orcs’ tyranny.
Your own kingdom’s defences will be challenged as the orcs continue to invade your cities. You’ll have to show bravery and perseverance if you want to keep your city alive. You should try out this game if you want to play other games similar to titanfall 2. It’s guaranteed to be a fun time.

5. Backyard Monsters

We highly recommend Backyard Monsters as one of the amazing and excellent games like TitanFall. Players start with an empty grassland where they can build a new monster village and monitor its growth into a flourishing Monster Empire.

This is a multiplayer game played via the internet. Invasion is always a possibility that needs to be dealt with in a responsible manner.

With Backyard Monsters, gamers should always be ready for anything, defending their Monster City from waves of foes. Players in Backyard Monsters may build structures like strongholds and forts, gather a wide variety of resources, and rule over the entire expansive Monster World.

6. War of Mercenaries

Mercenaries is a game that can be played on the web, on Android, and iOS devices. It is really entertaining and addicting. The game’s main features include the ability to raise a huge empire, equip mercenary armies, and battle for supremacy and glory.

You can form alliances with many other players and launch coordinated attacks, just as in other popular titanfall 2 similar games. Together, you can attack their cities and loot their resources to strengthen and feed your own empire.

This game will blow your mind with its incredibly thrilling nature and incredible depth in the strategy and combat gaming genres. War of Mercenaries is a fantastic game with a fantastic setting, stunning graphics, and thrilling gameplay.

7. Monkey Bay

Its richness in both the strategic and combat gaming genres will surprise you. Also, the game’s extraordinarily thrilling level will leave you speechless. The game’s setting, visuals, and gameplay in War of Mercenaries are all top-notch.

To get you started, a pirate gives you a quick tutorial on the game’s mechanics and shows you around. He will show you methods for constructing structures like Gold Mines and Barbecue Pits. The goal of Monkey Bay is to strategically place your soldiers and defences to stop your enemies. You do this by using the resources you have to build fortifications and make mortars, guns, and other weapons.

8. Nords: Heroes of the North

If you’re looking for a fantastic game to play at the moment, look no further than Plarium’s Nords: Heroes of the North. The amazing game was set in the fantastical land of Shingard and it is available for free on the web. In this game, your objective is to help the Northmen, Elves, and Dwarfs defeat the Evil Ice Queen and her troops.

All you have to do is stock up on your essentials to get through the harsh winters and keep your troops productive during the battle. You have to build several defensive structures, upgrade your army units, and battle without regard to yourself if you want to keep your stronghold safe from attack.

9. Backyard Monsters: Unleashed

It’s also among the games like titanfall 2 where you can transform your yard into a battleground and enjoy teaming up with teammates or playing the game as a single player. Winning the battle will give you access to their resources and other stuff.

In Backyard Monsters: Unleashed, you’ll be able to deploy a wide range of amazing upgrades to construct an invincible stronghold and fight off all enemy assaults. Gamers can also create habitats for their own monsters, breed them to create new monster species, and have fun training and transforming them into deadly ones.

The stunning visuals and improved mechanics of this game make it an engaging and compelling game to play. Do check it out; you will surely enjoy playing Backyard Monsters: Unleashed.

10. Planet Wars: Star Legend

Planet Wars: Star Legend is an amazing game published by Animoca Collective. It is a real-time strategy and multiplayer video game that is available for iOS. The player establishes a colony in the vast space setting and defends it with advanced mechs and robotic guards.

You have to explore the space to find some cool new tech and some useful resources. Increase the size of the colony and defend it from invaders, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial.

The player is responsible for providing his troops with firearms that they can utilize in battle. As the player advances through the game, he gains access to new levels and is rewarded with weapons, structures, and items that can be purchased with experience points. If you’re looking for a fun and entertaining game, go no farther than Planet Wars: Star Legend.


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