How to Check Pokemon Evs & Get Them in Scarlet & Violet

Are you a Pokemon trainer looking to learn more about EV training? Do you want to make sure your beloved Pokemon are reaching their full potential?

Look no further! In this section, we’ll explain what EV points are, how to check pokemon evs, and how they can help your team of Pokemon reach their maximum stats. So let’s get started!

What are EVs?

EVs, or Effort Values, are a hidden set of stats that are used to determine the stats of a Pokémon. EVs are gained by fighting and defeating wild Pokémon, and each type of Pokémon gives out different EVs.

For example, a Geodude will give out one EV in the Defense stat when defeated. EVs are capped at a maximum of 252 per stat, with a total maximum of 510 EVs. When raised to the maximum amount, these EVs will increase your Pokémon’s stats accordingly.

These stats can be further increased by using items like Protein, Iron and Calcium. The increase in stats is further increased when a Pokémon is traded with another player.

Why Check Evs & How Do Evs Work?

Checking EVs (Effort Values) is an important part of Pokémon training and can help players become more competitive in the game. EVs work by allowing trainers to customize the stats of their Pokémon and make them stronger.

By checking EVs, trainers can determine which stats their Pokémon are strong or weak in and adjust their training accordingly. Additionally, checking EVs can also help trainers identify hidden potential in their Pokémon and maximize its power.

How to Check Pokemon Evs in Scarlet and Violet

Method 1: Checking EVs from the Get-Go

One way to check a Pokemon’s EVs is to do so from the get-go. When you receive a Pokemon or capture it in the wild, you can check its EVs right away.

The radar graph will turn a dark yellow when all of your Pokemon’s EVs have been maxed out. This method is helpful for those who want to make sure their Pokemon is at its best before taking it into battle.

Method 2: Checking EVs on the Summary Page

Check Pokemon Evs

Checking EVs on the Summary Page is a straightforward way to check your Pokemon’s Effort Values (EVs). All you have to do is open the Pokemon’s Summary Page, scroll to the second page, which is the Stats page, and press the X button.

This will bring up an overlay which shows the EV distribution of your Pokemon – if it’s blue then EVs are maxed out for that Pokemon. You can also use this overlay to check how much EVs you have invested in each stat.

This is a useful tool for determining which stats are being prioritized by your Pokemon and whether or not they are getting the most out of their EVs.

Learning About EVs and How to Increase Them

Learning about EVs and how to increase them is important for anyone who wants to make the most of their Pokémon. To increase a Pokémon’s EVs, you can use items such as vitamins and feathers that boost specific stats.

Vitamins are the most immediately effective, since each provides a direct boost of up to 10 EVs in a single stat.

Other items, such as Rare Candies and Wings, also provide boosts but require more effort to obtain. You can also raise EVs in battle by defeating wild Pokémon; each defeated Pokémon awards between one and three EVs, depending on the species.

When calculating how many EVs a Pokémon has gained from battle, divide the number of EVs by four and round down to the nearest whole number. With this knowledge in hand, players can make better-informed decisions when building their team.

How to Get Pokemon Evs

One way to give a Pokémon a boost in its Effort Values (EVs) is by feeding them berries. Berries are special items that can be used to reduce the amount of EVs a Pokémon has obtained from battle, making it easier to get the EVs you desire.

To do this, simply select the Pokémon you wish to feed the berries and check its summary. Then, go to the second page, which is where your stats are, and press the X button. This will bring up a list of berries that can be used to reduce unwanted EVs. Select the berry of your choice and feed it to your Pokémon.

Another way to get EVs is by defeating other Pokémon in battle. After winning the battle, your Pokémon will gain experience points as well as Effort Values based on the type of Pokémon it defeated.

For example, defeating a Grass-type Pokémon will grant your Pokémon EVs in Special Defense, whereas defeating a Water-type Pokémon will grant EVs in Special Attack.

Finally, vitamins are another way to get EVs quickly but at a cost.


Checking Pokemon EVs is a great way to ensure that your Pokemon is optimized for battle. By using the methods outlined in this article, players can easily check EVs from the get-go, or on the Summary page. Knowing how to use EVs and how to increase them is also essential for players looking to maximize their team’s potential in battle.

With these tools and knowledge, players can make sure their Pokemon’s stats are ready for any challenge that comes their way.

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