4 Faster Ways to Sprint in Pokemon Violet & Scarlet

If you as here as a reader, you will learn how to sprint in Pokemon Violet & Scarlet. Sprinting is an important technique in the game that can help players travel faster across the map. It is similar to running, but with some subtle differences.

Moreover, this post will explore techniques for moving quicker across the map and items that can help with sprinting.

Why You Should Sprint in Pokemon Violet

Sprinting is a great way to travel quickly across the map in Pokemon Violet, especially when you’re in a hurry. Sprinting also allows you to explore more of the map faster, so you can find items and battle opponents more quickly.

Furthermore, sprinting can help you reach your destination faster than running, as it requires less energy and takes less time. For these reasons, sprinting is an invaluable tool for any Pokemon Violet trainer.

How to Sprint in Pokemon Violet & Scarlet

Sprint in Pokemon Violet

1. Using the Left Joycon Stick to Move Faster

In Pokémon Violet, using the left Joycon stick is a great way to move faster. As noted in the previous sections, sprinting in Pokémon Violet can be beneficial for trainers who need to cover a lot of ground quickly.

To do this, you’ll need to use the Left JoyCon stick. By pressing and holding both sticks at the same time, you can increase your speed considerably. Experimenting with different techniques can help you find the fastest way to traverse the map.

2. Using the B Button to Crouch and Sneak

In Pokemon Violet, players can use the B button to crouch and sneak up on wild Pokemon. This technique allows players to move closer to their target without being spotted, giving them a chance to initiate a battle before the Pokemon notices them.

Crouching by pressing the B button will also allow players to move more slowly and quietly across the map. To get back up, simply press the B button again. By combining the ability to crouch and sneak with other techniques such as using the left Joycon stick or exploring items that can help with sprinting, players can gain a preemptive strike on unsuspecting Pokemon and increase their chances of success in Pokemon Violet.

3. Exploring Techniques for Moving Quicker Across the Map

In Pokemon Violet, trainers can move quickly across the map by utilizing the left Joycon stick and the B button. The left Joycon stick can be used to make the trainer run faster, while the B button will put them into a crouching position. This allows trainers to stealthily approach sought-after Pokemon and move more quickly across the map.

Additionally, players can Fast Travel by opening their map and selecting a blue marker. Once at a Pokemon Center, trainers can Fly there as well. By understanding and utilizing these techniques, trainers can explore the world of Pokemon Violet faster and more efficiently.

4. Exploring Items That Can Help With Sprinting

In Pokemon Violet, trainers can use various items to increase their speed while running and sprinting. Items such as the Miraidon or the Running Shoes can give trainers an edge.

The Miraidon is an item that can be unlocked after completing certain objectives and gives a massive boost to running speed. The Running Shoes can be found in some areas of the map and also provide a boost in speed.

Some items, such as the Golden Feather, can also provide a temporary boost in speed when used. These items can all make it easier for trainers to reach their destination quickly or catch up to fleeing Pokemon.

Understanding the Difference Between Sprinting and Running

The differences between sprinting and running are important for trainers to understand in Pokemon Violet. Sprinting involves applying a maximum amount of force down to the ground in order to move faster than normal. This is different than running, which allows your character to move faster but without applying the same amount of force.


Sprinting in Pokemon Violet can be a great way to get around the map quickly. It is important to understand the basics of sprinting, such as using the left Joycon stick to move faster and using the B button to crouch and sneak. With these tips, you should be able to sprint successfully in Pokemon Violet.

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