How to Use Cut in Pokemon Red & Where to Get It In 3 Steps

Do you wish to be able to explore more regions in Pokemon Red? Are you seeking for a strategy to defeat those bothersome obstacles? Don’t look any further! In this blog post, we’ll show you how to use cut in pokemon red to unlock new worlds of adventure.

Where and how to find Cut in Pokémon Red?

Cut may be obtained in Pokémon Red by locating Bill and receiving the S.S. Anne ticket. Once you’ve obtained your ticket, proceed to Vermilion City and board the S.S. Anne. Once on the boat, you must navigate your way through trainers till you reach your opponent. After defeating him, speak with the Captain, who will award you the HM01 Cut move. You can use Cut out of battle with this move, as long as your Pokémon can learn it.

Stage 1: Locate Bill and Obtain a Boat Ticket

how to get cut pokemon red

The first stage in obtaining the HM01 Cut ability in Pokémon Red is to locate Bill and obtain the S.S. Anne ticket from him. Bill is a knowledgeable Pokémon Researcher who lives on Route 25. Before returning to Cerulean City, leave Bill’s residence and return to see if he has the ticket for you. Bill will grant you an S.S. Anne Ticket when you aid him. In Vermillion City, this can be used to board the S.S. Anne. Once you get the ticket, you will be able to set sail in search of HM01 Cut.

Stage 2: Get on the ship S.S. Anne

Anne ship

The next stage is to board the S.S. Anne after you have gotten the S.S. Ticket from Bill. The passenger ship S.S. Anne is located just south of Vermilion City. To enter the ship, you must possess the S.S. Ticket and a Pokémon that knows Surf in your inventory. You can utilise Surf to board the boat once you meet these two requirements.

The S.S. Anne is divided into three levels: the entry level, the downstairs level, and the upper deck level. On the entrance level, you will discover a crew member who will guide you around the ship and the Captain, who will grant you access to Cut. On the lowest level, you will find the engine room and a few additional locations that can be visited. Cut can be located on the upper deck and employed to finish your quest.

Stage 3 – Overcome your opponent and speak to the Captain

talk to the Captain

Once you’ve vanquished your adversary, you’re free to go see the seasick Captain and trade a back rub for HM01, which learns Cut to your Pokémon. If you walk farther right, your competitor will come in and battle you, so heal up at the Pokemon Center if necessary. He possesses a level 19 Pidgeotto, a level 16 Rattata, and a level 18 Alakazam. The Captain will give you HM01 Cut after the combat.

How to Use Cut in Pokemon Red

Red Cut is a strong move that can be used to clear trees, create roads, and gain access to new regions. Cut can only be used in Pokémon Red after getting the HM01 (Hidden Machine 01) from the Captain of the S.S. Anne. The Cut ability may be taught to a Pokémon in your party using HM01. Once they have learned it, they can use the skill outside of combat to cut down trees and open routes.

Bulbasaur, Pikachu, and Squirtle are the most common Pokémon that can use Cut ability. Any Pokémon having HM01, on the other hand, will be able to learn the Cut ability. Simply go to your Pokémon party menu, choose the Pokémon with HM01, and then go to the menu from which you can select items like Info and Switch to teach them the Cut ability. Then choose Cut as one of the moves to train your Pokémon.

Once you’ve taught your Pokémon the Cut ability, you can use it to clear routes and cut down trees. This can help you gain access to new locations and progress through the game. In Pokémon Contests, you can additionally use Cut to win 2 extra appeal points if Swords Dance was used in the previous round.

This concludes the information necessary to use Cut in Pokémon Red. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to effortlessly enter new locations and proceed through the game!

Which Pokémon have had the Cut skill?

The Cut skill can be utilised by numerous different Pokémon in Pokémon Red. By levelling up, Beedrill, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Sandshrew, Farfetch’d,  Paras, Lickitung, Oddish, Krabby,Pinsir, Sandshrew, and Scyther can all utilise the Cut move. Kartana is the sole Pokemon that can master Cut by levelling up, while Pawniard is the greatest Pokemon to teach Cut in the Unova area because its entire body is covered in blade-like surfaces. You will also gain the ability to utilise Cut out of fight if you defeat Misty. Cut can target any Pokémon near the user in a Double Battle. Finally, once you have discovered and taught HM 01 – Cut to one of your Pokémon, you will be able to utilise the Cut method.


That concludes the cheats available in Pokemon Radical Red. With the majority of these being quite valuable, we hope you can put them to use in your next Pokémon Red game. For any concerns or questions regarding this article, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Have fun gaming!

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