13 Weirdest Final Fantasy Enemies in the Entire Franchise

No one can deny that Final Fantasy is a weird, weird series. With storylines that range from the bizarre to the incomprehensible, it’s spawned some of the most insane and inexplicable enemies in gaming history.

The Final Fantasy franchise is home to some outlandish designs when it comes to enemies, and here are the weirdest looking creatures players will come across in final fantasy viii.

13 Best Weirdest Final Fantasy Recurring Monsters in The Entire Franchise

1. The Cactuar

The Cactuar

The Cactuar is a plant-like creature that first appeared in the game Final Fantasy VI. They have since become fan-favourite creatures due to their strange design. Cactuars are not found everywhere, but they are one of the best final fantasy recurring monsters and villains in the series.

Here are interesting facts about these creatures:

The Cactuar first appeared in Final Fantasy VI.

Cactuars have made a few crossover appearances with the Mario series.

Along with Chocobos and Moogles, Cactuar are the weirdest recurring enemies in the Final Fantasy franchise.

They are little green cacti-men with arms

2. The Malboro

The Malboro

The Malboro is one of the weirdest enemies in the Final Fantasy franchise. They are plant-like creatures with multiple tentacles and a large, gaping mouth. Some Malboro can even fly, making them even more dangerous. They are typically found in hostile areas such as Gaea’s Cliff and the Northern Cave. The Malboro is powerful enough to be considered a boss enemy, and has even been given its own sub-species, the Malboro Overking.


3. The Unknown

The Unknown

When it comes to enemy designs, the Final Fantasy franchise is home to some outlandish creations. From terrifying Unknowns to cutesy Tonberries, these are some of the most unconventional enemies from the series.

4. Ozma


Ozma is a peculiar spherical monster that first appeared in Final Fantasy IX as the game’s ultimate boss. It is a ball of swirling energy with a face, and is considered one of the weirdest enemies in the entire franchise. Ozma is powerful and difficult to defeat, but players who are able to do so are rewarded with great rewards.

5. Heavy Tank

Heavy Tank

The Final Fantasy game series is known for having some of the most bizarre designs for its antagonists, and the Heavy Tank is among the most bizarre-appearing creature that players will ever face off against in the series.

In Final Fantasy 7, Heavy Tank, a monster comprised of tank and triceratops, can be found in the Gongaga Reactor. It is a strange-looking creature, made even stranger by the absence of a backstory.

They have a high HP total and deliver lethal physical attacks. Despite their intimidating appearance, this dinosaur-machine hybrid shouldn’t pose much of a problem. Nevertheless, it remains one of the oddest Final Fantasy foes of all time.

6. Anima


The Final Fantasy franchise game is home to some of the weirdest looking enemies players will ever come across. These creatures range from bizarre to downright horrifying, and they provide a challenge for even the most seasoned of heroes. Here are some of the weirdest enemies players will encounter in the Final Fantasy franchise.

7. Humbaba


Final Fantasy has always been known for its strange and unique enemies, and Humbaba is no exception. This fiend comes from the SNES game Final Fantasy VI, and was originally named Phunbaba in the North American translation. Humbaba threatens Terra’s orphanage in the game, and is a standout amongst the many enemies in the franchise. Other weird and wonderful enemies include the Braindrainers from Final Fantasy XV, which are based on Mindflayers, and the Cactuars from Final Fantasy VII. No matter what game you’re playing, you’re sure to come across some weird and wonderful enemies in the Final Fantasy franchise!

8. Gighee


From Flans and Chocobos to Cactuars and Malboros, you will encounter a variety of bizarre foes throughout the Final Fantasy series. Some of the weirdest looking creatures players will come across are Gighees. Gighees are albino horses with super saiyan hair, googly eyes, a purple star vest, and the tail end of a dragon. While they may not be the most difficult enemies to defeat, their bizarre appearance is sure to startle even the most experienced of adventurers.

9. Gerogero


Another one on the top list of weirdest Final Fantasy enemies is Gerogero. This undead enemy takes half damage from all sources and is weak to Fire, Holy, and Water. It is also the true form of the Fake President Deling.

10. Hell House

Hell House

The Final Fantasy franchise is home to some outlandish designs when it comes to enemies, and the Hell House from FINAL FANTASY VII is one of the weirdest looking creatures players will encounter. This fiend is aptly named for being a single-handedly memorable enemy in the entire rogues’ gallery of Final Fantasy VII, and its true form is a bizarre amalgamation of different body parts. Some of the other enemies in the series include wererats, cactuars, and malboros, which are all equally strange-looking creatures that players will have to battle against.

11. The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant is also a giant enemy that appears in the Final Fantasy series. It is a large, hulking creature that is often times much stronger than the party it is facing. The Iron Giant typically has high defence and health, making it a tough opponent to take down. While it may be a difficult foe, the Iron Giant can drop some very powerful items when defeated, making it worth the fight for many players.

12. The Behemoths

The Behemoths

Final Fantasy is a long-running video game series that is packed full of some amazing designs, from the characters to their opponents. These designs extend all the way through the game. Here are some of the best monsters and villains from the franchise, specifically the weirdest looking ones:

The Behemoths are perhaps one of the most iconic enemies in the series. These massive, bipedal creatures are known for their grotesque appearance and deadly attacks.

Then there are the Malboros, plant-like creatures with countless tentacles and gaping maws. Some of them are even able to fly! They’re definitely one of the strangest foes players will come across.

Finally, there’s the Cactuar, a small cactus-like creature that attacks with needle-like projectiles. It may not look like much, but it can be a real pain to deal with if you’re not prepared.

13. The Tonberries

The Tonberries

Tonberries are small, recurring green creatures that wear tan robes and carry knives. They first appeared in Final Fantasy V and have since become an enemy to dread, despite not being featured as one of the game’s main bosses. Tonberries are equally adored and feared by FINAL FANTASY fans. Their cute and tiny exterior conceals their true nature as cunning and lethal foe.


From Iron Giant and Ozma, to Cactuars and Malboros, you are sure to encounter some strange friends along your travels in the Final Fantasy series. However, these are just a few of the many weird and wonderful final fantasy recurring monsters that you’ll come across in the franchise. So which ones stand out as the strangest of them all?

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