10 Games Like Dan the Man For Android & iOS

If you need to play games like dan the man, this should be your last bus stop because we have a list of the best games similar to Dan the Man that you can consider.

Games Like Dan the Man

About dan the man

Dan The Man is a smartphone beat ’em up video game released in 2015 by Halfbrick Studios & Studio JOHO. It was published for both iOS and Android, based on the same-titled web series. The game combines traditional beat-em-up features with platforming gameplay.

10 Best Games Similar to Dan the Man

1. Comix Zone

Comix Zone

Comix Zone was developed by Sega, is a highly popular beat em up game on Sega, renowned for its outstanding action elements. It is a single-player platform that provides a distinctive world where you can employ your martial arts abilities to battle numerous foes. You have the option to select the gender of your protagonist while engaging in gameplay. After downloading for free, you will enter a world where defeating enemies is necessary to avoid their attacks. This game is now accessible on both iOS and Android operating systems

2. Fightback


Fightback 2 is amidst the most prevalent Android brawl games like to Dan the Man, provided with a single-player platform. There are four characters, which incorporates the authentic Fightback, The Shinobi, the Sharpshooter, and the Gunman. To begin the game, you must first choose which character you would like to control and then embark on an adventure where you defeat adversaries through a combination of kicking and punching. This game boasts exceptional graphics, gameplay, and features, containing more than 30 levels that encompass both the original Fightback levels as well as those featuring The Ninja and other characters., You can get the game on your Android gadget for no cost.

3. Blackmoor 2

Blackmoor 2

Based on the prosperous Blackmoor games, Blackmoor 2 is a real-time tactic game that transports players to the domain of Blackmoor where they will combat against a malevolent sorcerer. The combat system is not significantly diverse from other hack and slash games for portable gadgets. The game is accessible on Android and iOS devices and it required players to engage in strategic gameplay and make use of their characters to vanquish the wicked sorcerer and along with his henchmen.

4. The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a thrilling 3D adventure with classic smash and slash combat interlaced with RPG elements. Endless opportunities await as players journey through multiple dimensions, unearthing heaps of loot along the way. But why stop there? Create and design your own dungeons, and unleash your creativity by bringing your own unique vision to life.

5. Kritika: The White Knights

Kritika The White Knights

Kritika: The White Knights is a phenomenal game that encompasses the basic hacking and slashing elements. As players venture forward, they are allowed to choose a character modelled on either a male or female knight and will have only one class throughout the journey. Enthusiasts can experience the thrill of battling it out with others in the multiplayer mode, which features various challenges and competitions to emerge victorious. Single-player mode, PvP mode, village mode, and story mode are some of the other exciting game modes available in Kritika: The White Knights.

6. Blaze of Dragon

Blaze of Dragon

Blaze of Dragon is a fighting game where you get to control certain characters, each possessing unique skills. Along with various moves, you can also navigate through the surroundings. If you choose to play with others, it will enhance your gaming experience. The game includes three characters: Blaze, Dragon, and Bull. At present, the game is compatible with iOS and Android OS and can be acquired at no cost.

7. Glory Samurai

Glory Samurai

Glory Samurai is one of the games like dan the man that has the best fighting style set in the genre. During gameplay, you will perceive that the game centers on the narrative of a Swordsman who resides in the Gunma Prefecture of Japan. While playing, you are bestowed with the prospect to confront the adversaries and eliminate them. The game also authorizes you to personalize the distinct weaponry that you will employ in the game. Glory Samurai is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and can be obtained at no cost.

8. Dragon Spear

Dragon Spear

Dragon Spear is another similar games to dan the man that belongs to the action-packed group. This game is one of the rare ones where you can assume the role of a female character. Comparable to other brawl games, this game boasts an engaging plotline and ample battles to partake in. Additionally, the game grants you the liberty to employ a plethora of weaponry to combat diverse adversaries. Last but not least, this game is free of charge for users of iOS and Android.

9. Hero Fighter X

Hero Fighter X

Hero Fighter X is an immensely popular game like Dan the Man, that is available on Android and iOS platforms. It was developed by Marti Wong, this beat-em-up game takes you on an adventurous journey, fighting off a range of enemies with diverse fighting styles. There are lots of challenging levels to overcome when playing it and it is an exciting game on our list that is currently available for free.

10. ChronoBlade


ChronoBlade is an immensely popular beat em up game that features a diverse cast of heroes with unique moves and abilities. As the last hope for the planet under attack from the dark legions, you must use your hero to fight back. To emerge victorious, you will need to strategically combine the attacks of multiple heroes, yes I mean multiple heroes. Funny part is that it is available for free on iOS and Android to experience the thrill of saving our world.

FAQs On Dan the Man

What is Dan the Man?

Dan the Man is a side-scrolling action game developed by Halfbrick Studios, featuring a stickman protagonist who fights his way through various enemies.

What platforms is Dan the Man available on?

Dan the Man is available on Android and iOS devices.

Is Dan the Man free game?

Yes, Dan the Man is free to play, but you can purchase in-game currency to unlock additional content and upgrades.

How do I earn coins in Dan the Man?

You can earn coins by completing levels and defeating enemies. You can also earn coins by watching ads or purchasing them with real money.

Can I unlock new moves and weapons in Dan the Man?

Yes, you can earn coins to unlock new moves and weapons as you progress through the game.

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