10 Games Like Dan the Man For Android & iOS

If you’re looking for games like dan the man, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best games similar to dan the man so you can keep playing and having fun.

Whether you’re looking for games that are just as action-packed as dan the man or games with a similar art style, we’ve got you covered.

Games Like Dan the Man

About dan the man

Dan The Man is a smartphone beat ’em up video game released in 2015 by Halfbrick Studios & Studio JOHO. It was published for both iOS and Android, based on the same-titled web series. The game combines traditional beat-em-up features with platforming gameplay.

10 Best Games Similar to Dan the Man

1. Comix Zone

Comix Zone

Comix Zone is one of the most played beat em ups on Sega. It comes with the best action elements ever and is developed by Sega. The game is a single-player platform and can give you a unique world where you will be able to fight lots of enemies using your martial arts skills. When playing, you are allowed to choose your hero’s gender, and then you will be taken to a world where you will be required to fight the enemies to take them down and crush them before they can attack you. Comix Zone is now available on iOS and Android versions and can be downloaded for free.

2. Fightback


Fightback 2 is among the most popular Android beat em ups games like dan the man offered with single-player platform. The game features four characters, which include the original Fightback, The Ninja, the Sniper and the Gunfighter. When playing, you need to select the character you want to play as and then go on an adventure to take down the enemies by kicking and punching them. This game has great graphics, gameplay and features. The game has over 30 levels, which includes the levels that come with the original Fightback, The Ninja, and more. Finally, the game is available for Android devices and can be downloaded for free.

3. Blackmoor 2

Blackmoor 2

Based on the successful Blackmoor games, Blackmoor 2 is a real-time strategy game that takes players to the realm of Blackmoor where they will be fighting against an evil wizard. The fighting system is not much different from other smash and slash games for mobile devices. Players will need to play with strategy and use their characters to slay the evil wizard and his minions. This game is available for Android and iOS systems.

4. The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a classic 3D game that features classic smash and slash gameplay and some RPG elements. Players can use their own characters in order to explore a few different dimensions and find tons of loot along the way. On top of this, players can also build their own dungeons, which opens up the ability to create their own content.

5. Kritika: The White Knights

Kritika The White Knights

Kritika: The White Knights is another game that follows the basic elements of hack and slash games. Players will be able to play as a male and female knight, and each player will only have one class in this game. There are also a few game modes in Kritika: The White Knights, such as a single-player mode, a PvP mode, a village mode, a story mode, and many others. However, it is the multiplayer mode that brings the game home as players can fight each other to win many different challenges.

6. Blaze of Dragon

Blaze of Dragon

Blaze of Dragon is a beat-em-up game that comes with characters that you can play as. Each character has their own abilities. When playing, you are allowed to move around the environment by using different actions. You can also enjoy playing the game with your friends, which will be fun. The game features three characters, which include Blaze, Dragon, and Bull. Finally, the game is currently offered in versions that work with iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded for free.

7. Glory Samurai

Glory Samurai

Glory Samurai is one of the games like dan the man that has the best fighting style set in the genre. When played, you will notice that the game revolves around the story of a Samurai who lives in the Gunma Prefecture in Japan. When playing, you are given the opportunity to engage the enemies and get rid of them. The game also allows you to customize the different weapons that you will use in the game. Glory Samurai is available for iOS and Android devices. This game can be downloaded for free.

8. Dragon Spear

Dragon Spear

Dragon Spear is another similar games to dan the man that belongs to the action-packed group. The game is among the few in which you can play as a girl. Just like the other beat em ups, this game has a good story and plenty of battles to participate in. Also, the game allows you to use various types of weapons to fight against various enemies. Finally, this game is free for iOS and Android users.

9. Hero Fighter X

Hero Fighter X

Hero Fighter X is one of the popular games like dan the man offered on mobile platforms like Android and iOS. This is one of the beat em ups developed by Marti Wong. When playing, you need to go on a journey that will take you to fight off the enemies. These characters have a wide range of fighting styles that you can choose from. The game offers various levels, which are all challenging to beat. Finally, this beat-em-up game is currently offered for free.

10. ChronoBlade


ChronoBlade is one of the most popular beat em ups. The game features a number of heroes, all of whom have unique moves and abilities. According to the game, the planet is being attacked by the dark legions and you are the only one who can fight back. When played, you get the chance to choose your hero and then participate in the fight. You need to combine the attacks of several heroes to win the battles and save the world. The game is now available in iOS and Android versions and can be downloaded for free.

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