How and Where to Unlock the Arena in Genesis Darksiders

Darksiders Genesis Arena Walkthrough

The newest game from THQ Nordic, Darksiders Genesis, was released on December 5, 2019. The game is currently accessible via Steam for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, Xbox One, and PC. This game allows players to unlock arenas and earn points. Therefore, we will now provide you with the Darksiders Genesis arena guide.

Arena in Darksiders Genesis
How to Easily Unlock Arenas

These optional tasks will become available once you have completed the sixth chapter, i.e., once you have killed Mammon. After that, three arenas will become available, and you can compete in them to advance the storyline.

Indeed, a few missions need you to fight in the arena, but it will be worthwhile if you join this task frequently to acquire cores and advance your character. There are ten waves in the arena, nine of which include basic opponents. The boss will be waiting for you after the last one.

Fighting multiple opponents regenerates chaos and anarchy. However, we urge that you reserve it for the final boss confrontation. You can unlock more Darksiders Genesis arenas by advancing through the main storyline. After a battle, Cores will drop, raising your score. There are 20 arenas available for participation.

What is the purpose of Arena Points?

You are aware that participating in arena combat allows you to earn cores and arena points. If cores are important for character development, arena points can be used to purchase stuff from the shop. Still, you can purchase souls, gold, additional cores, and War and Strife enhancements with these points.

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